Wednesday 23 December 2009

Lucky Group Follows An Ethical Way To Run Their Business

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For anyone who wishes to acquire success has to follow some strict rules and regulations. But there are many who assume that there is a shortcut to success. The shortcut to success will only give success for a short period of time. To earn a life long reputation and achievements one has to work hard and follow the rules of success. One such example is Lucky Group.

The company started with two person’s family owned business in 1973. But today after the hard work of 30 years Lucky Group has well established reputation in the global market. The reason behind this incredible success is the ethics which the owners of the company follow. The group eminently values its reputation of honesty, integrity, ethical behavior and high moral standards. They strictly follow all the country and territory laws which are relevant to all over business activities. Definitely different nations have different set of social and political rules, Lucky Group however does mot fail to abide by all the rules and regulations belonging to different countries. The company focuses on an accident free work environment, investment in human resource and relationship manager. Their vital corporate principles include an active community service cell, reduced pollution practices and transparent work ethics.

Following such code of conduct has made Lucky Group a trustworthy company. Every member in Lucky family knows the importance of honesty and integrity. All the three companies which are Lucky Alloys, Lucky Recycling and Fortune Metals follow the same level of rules and regulations.

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