Monday 21 December 2009

Educate Your Kids On The Benefits Of Recycling

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Recycling different waste products is very important. There are many metal recycling companies in Dubai. But this should be done on a very large scale. If only a few of us contribute towards it then it will not benefit the environment as much as it should. It is often observed that in families children waste many things. It is necessary to educate your little ones on recycling benefits.

Advise your children on three things:

  1. Reduce: you can tell your kids to use fewer amounts of things. Not to waste things by taking more in quantity. Don’t buy when they demand for more. Teach them in a playful manner, the art of working with less quantity.

  2. Reuse: most of the kids demand for new things often. Teach them to reuse the same old ones. For example, many kids demand for a new eraser every week as the one they have gets black stains. Teach them how to clean and use the same eraser.

  3. Recycle: most of the kids don’t know how to reuse. They have grown up seeing things used only for one purpose. By making different craft works and projects from using scrap in your house will give them an idea of reusing things.

By teaching your children these three steps you will contribute in recycling process. Everything that we use should be recycled. Lucky Group is the aluminum alloy manufacturers in Dubai. They have 3 companies which are: lucky alloys, lucky recycling and fortune metals. They are contributing towards recycling since last many years. will tell you more about the company.

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