Tuesday 15 December 2009

Recycling Drained Batteries Helps The Environment

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Do you know how important it is to recycle used batteries? There are many metal recycling companies in Dubai but do you now how many of them recycle batteries? Batteries are used and thrown away in abundance. A visit to the Dubai scrap yards will show you the picture of how many batteries are thrown in waste. There are many reasons why we must recycle batteries.

  1. Batteries have many poisonous metals in them. They may pollute the lakes and streams. May cause burn to eyes and skin because the metal vaporizes in the air when burned.

  2. Recycling batteries will help in keeping heavy metal out of landfill and the air. The recovered plastic and metal is used for making new batteries.

  3. Mercury oxide and silver oxide button batteries are often collected by jewelers, pharmacies and hearing aid stores.

  4. One should try to use rechargeable batteries so that the wastage of batteries is reduced to some extent.

  5. Older batteries can contain up to ten times more mercury than newer batteries. Rechargeable batteries can also contain heavily toxic materials and should be recycled or properly disposed of.

These are some of the reasons why it is very much important to recycle batteries in a right way. You can go to a recycling center near your house to give away your drained batteries. Lucky Group is recycler and aluminum alloy manufacturer in Dubai. Their company Lucky Recycling recycles many ferrous and non ferrous scrap. They also recycle drained batteries. The company is well established and reputed world wide.

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