Monday 8 June 2020

Quick upcycling STEPS!

To give a new life to your scrap metals

Contributing for more than four decades, Lucky Group’s stands as one of the pioneers in the scrap metal industry.

A family-owned business that procures, segregates, processes, packages and supplies scrap metals to national and international end-users as raw materials for their industrial consumption.  As a responsible recycler, Lucky Recycling does its part to help maintain a strong & healthy recycling system at its workplace where its expertise and best practices are used to process and shape the valuable materials into something reusable.

Most of the scrap metals that arrive at metal scrap companies in Dubai are not in a reusable condition that then gets exported or supplied to end-users for recycling purpose.

However, occasionally we get items that can be reused. Here, we would like to share a fantastic success story of re-purposing an old steel cabinet received at Dubai scrap yards

Metal Upcycling by lucky group
Photo Reference: From Lucky Group archives

This is very simple; just follow the 4 easy steps;
  • Fix it! - Don’t jump into paint, first check are they in great shape? Are they dented? Tighten the door screws & fix the door locks.
  • Clean thoroughly, remove dust and disinfectant the entire cabinet.
  • Paint, rust off wherever required and choose the best paint suitable for metal cabinets.
  • Final check to see if they are safe to use.

Lucky recycling system has not only designed to handle scrap metals but facilitate in-house expertise to develop as economical and environment friendly industry with a range of operations & services.

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