Friday 8 May 2020

Are you looking for an effective Waste Management system in hotels for enhancing Recycling?

The hospitality industry is a major contributor to a country's economy. With increased resource consumption by hotels, it is very crucial for hotel industries to follow an efficient and sustainable waste management system to handles thousands of tons of waste generation each year in order to become a decisive factor for their KPIs. 

Following are the most useful techniques that can be implemented for an efficient and effective waste management handling system at hotels;

recycling hotel waste
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Waste Audit: The hotel administration must have a dedicated department for an effective audit of waste management which includes the close monitoring of waste produced at their hotels that be recycled instead of discarded.

Sustainable Procurement: A hotel can reduce its waste generation by making an effort to strictly enforce the purchase of environmentally-friendly products that benefits the community and the environment in general.

Customer Interaction: The customers play a vital role in the hotels’ sustainable waste management strategy. Hotels should communicate clearly by providing separate bins for bio degradable and non-bio degradable waste with clear and concise instructions.

Staff Awareness: Educate staff about its recycling and environmental policies.

Evaluate Materials: High quality furniture, doors and windows frame made from metals and other accessories used in the hotels must not be discarded but properly segregated to be sold to certified scrap buyers like metal scrap companies in Dubai. Do you know stainless steel scrap and aluminum scrap is extensively used in utensils, housewares, and other kitchen items? 

Change of Habits: Encourage guests using free WIFI instead of using newspapers. Place cards to save water and use less paper at designated hotel rooms, bathrooms & lobbies. 

Reuse Policy: A hotel makes use of banners quite often. The metal frameworks of these banners need not be discarded after use. Instead, these metal frameworks should be reused by only changing the plastic, paper or cloth banner. Reusing such materials can be substantially economical for the hotel as well as ensure optimum utilization of resources.

Lucky Group has created a niche for itself in the recycling companies in UAE market for sustainable with exemplary waste management techniques. Dubai boasts itself as one of the finest hospitality hubs in the world and by adopting a sustainable path of waste disposal, the hospitality sector could contribute to the holistic growth of its economy.

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