Tuesday 5 May 2020

Scrap Metals Identification

Is it difficult to identify what metal a piece of scrap is made of?

Now you are prepped up with a load full of metal scrap.  Great!  You are leaving for the scrap yards but when you visit one, do make a point to see their various methods of sorting and separating metals, the yard might have.  Maybe you neglected that part before or could not confirm or perhaps you had no idea what metal you are buying from your customers - all of these factors can affect the financial gains you make!

A magnet & a metal filler; these are two very basic tools to identify the nature of metals that also helps in increasing your knowledge of metal scraps and their actual commercial values. As a result, you do not make losses especially if you operate a good business out of it.  

scrap metal identification
Photo Reference: Lucky Group archives

A magnet is very useful and one of the easiest tools to determine whether the metal is ferrous or nonferrous because magnet attracts to ferrous.  A metal filer is used to identify the base color of non-ferrous metal by filling at the surface of the object.

Stainless steel scrap Dubai and their professional team not only provides a  variety of solutions but also offers modern technologies for sorting and segregating your valuable scrap metals at their facilities.

However, we are living in modern and technological advanced era. Most scrap dealers take the pictures of metals using their smartphones and send them to metal recycling companies in Dubai to sell their scrap metals. 

Imagine a scenario where you are supposed to get a quote from Buyers of copper scrap, when you already have clicked pictures of the copper scrap, it helps them to identify which type of copper you have.  Therefore, you know the right price to demand from the scrap yards.

If you are wondering how to get the most from your scrap metals then you can drop off your collected metals at scrap metals yard in Dubai or simply send us email at info@luckygroup.com.

Ensure, always take a horizontal photo of the metal scrap. 

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