Thursday 7 May 2020

Used Automobile Parts

Using 3Rs for an efficient and sustainable waste management technique - Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

used automobile parts
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Most of the domestic and consumer metals end up at landfill sites. To turn the rubbish into resources scrap metal industry and metal recycling facilities have taken a step forward to rescue the same. Used parts from old and defunct automobiles can be utilized for generating value from waste and put into good use towards scrap metal recycling which contributes towards sustainability and helps in adopting ecologically beneficial practices.  

Advancement of new technologies that helps in segregating different automobile components like tires, batteries, engine oil, motor wires, windshield, the plastic in the gas tank, dashboard, bumper and lights, car seats, carpets, and other parts of upholstery, rubber hoses and parts of engine can be separated through the metal segregating automated machines or shredder.

Manufacturers use different metals, such as steel, titanium and aluminum, for different parts of the car. Steel is the primary metal used to make most of the cars. Around 65% of the automobile is made up of steel products ( Stainless steel scrap yard in Dubai use modern techniques to separate the ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals.  Metal recycling companies in Dubai have gained impetus with the growing concerns about waste reduction and sustainability. Similarly, the scrap metals trading hold massive potential for profits and growth and are currently booming in the markets of Dubai. 

Thus Scrap Metals Recycling helps in;
Reducing the landfill waste.  
Saves a significant amount of fuel and energy. 
Cuts down greenhouse gas emission.
Saves the mining and usage of mineral resources. 
Creates value for money for both the consumer and the seller. 
Helps in adopting ecologically beneficial practices.  

Lucky Group adheres to the ideals of economic, social, and environment sustainability, in furtherance of which Lucky Group recycles tons of brass scrap, copper scrap, ferrous scrap, and aluminum scrap in its various advanced facilities. To know more about our operations visit our website 

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