Monday 15 June 2020

Recycling Efforts - One step forward to help Individuals, Businesses, and the Environment

Countries should adopt best recycling practices to reduce their carbon footprints and landfills. 

You might have heard about the term “Bartering”.  It is a simple method of exchanging goods and services. 

Metal Recycling Comapny
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It is an effective option to streamline recycling process for a holistic waste management. Barter system was the main method of transaction in ancient times. However, the concept of monetary transactions and different methods of trading’s evolved but still the barter system can be observed like street hawkers giving metals utensils in exchange for old clothes or plastic, housewares or exchange of newspapers.

Many NGO’s are serving community through working on projects where they give back to the society locally green fresh good in exchange of collecting waste scrap items from them like aluminium cans, newspaper, cardboard, glass or electronic waste and selling it to local scrap dealer.

Some of the schools are giving awareness by encouraging students to deposit recyclable items to improve the infrastructure of the school in exchange of canteen coupon. 

Actually, the idea is to raise awareness among individuals the impact of recycling in building healthy environment.

Bartering can go up a notch and be practiced on a larger industrial scale as well. People should not discard metal made objects. Instead, they can sell to Recycling companies in UAE.  

Scrap buyers in Dubai then further recycle the scrap metals for various purposes.  Using scrap metal instead of new metal is economical to industries and it reduces extra cost. Thus, money is saved and enhances businesses and serves the community. 

Lucky Recycling; a part of Lucky Group, ensures environment sustainability and generates value from waste. To find out more about the wide range of recycling simply contact us today.

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