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Copper scrap is one of the most in-demand metals across various industries and looked upon as the most profitable metal scrap. It’s because copper is widely used across many industries. Mining copper from copper mines requires lot of resources. Industrialists, therefore, choose to use copper scrap for industrial purposes.

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The recent Coronavirus outbreak started spreading around the world in Q1 hitting in most countries strongly affecting the global economy at highest negative levels in recent history which significantly affected the metal recycling companies in Dubai as well.

In past few months, if you observe the copper prices plunged to their lowest level since the coronavirus pick up the speed in affecting the major parts of the world.

Expert analysts’ also report that they have studied and found that copper prices in the impending months will decrease further. However, that does not mean you should hold on to your scrap metals. The prices can further decline but it has also seen a rising turnaround during the mid-April, 2020. Several countries gradually taking measures to reopen their economies like China who shut down its production lines and implemented virus containment measures now starting to get back to work but at the same time rest of the world is still in lockdown and awaiting for new normal life return back to normality.

It is crucial to observe how coronavirus curves shapes at the second quarter of the year. Therefore, it is better you sell your scrap metal now and get returns from buyers of copper scrap.

Dubai scrap trading provides the best services in collecting your copper scrap of different grades. The habit of recycling scrap metals instead of dumping them in large dumping grounds or waste disposal skips prevents accumulation of non-biodegradable wastes. These wastes are harmful for the environment and land.

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