Wednesday 8 July 2020

Trends in aluminum recycling, sustainability and tips

Aluminum is one of the most commonly used metals in households as well as in industrial sector. Aluminum is very light, malleable, durable and resistant to corrosion. These characteristics make aluminum a versatile metal with high demand in market. 

The contribution of the recycled aluminum globally is estimated to rise to 40% (source: by the end of 2020. Aluminum products contributes towards modern living. Aluminum is used extensively in houseware and kitchenware. Be it the framework of doors and windows, utensils or other items in use at home, all of these have some components of aluminum. 

Owing to its extensive use in food packaging, households can contribute towards recycling aluminum at grass root level by segregating them from other waste materials. Pharma companies use aluminum for medicine packaging on a large scale. These two examples operating on two very different levels can contribute towards sustainability by selling the aluminum waste to scrap buyers in Dubai. Aluminum does not degrade or alter during the recycling process. It is also an economical option since recycling the aluminum only takes 5% (source: of the energy required for making primary aluminum. 

With heavy metal as well as medium and small industries growing in the economy, the consumption of aluminum has also risen over the years. Industries have increased the use of recycled aluminum because recycled metal is economical with no deficiency in quality. In fact, during the recycling process, more and more alloying elements are introduced into the metal cycle. 

As the consumption of resources is growing, the need for sustainable waste management has become imperative. Aluminum, with its multifaceted use, is of extreme value to metal recycling companies in Dubai. Scrap metals in Dubai have a large market because the industries and the households are steadily beginning to favor recycled aluminum products over the primary aluminum. One of the major reasons behind this hike in utilization of recycled aluminum is it being cost effective. 

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