Wednesday 8 July 2020


Oftentimes, we just throw things away into the recycling bins without knowing its value and quality. We as consumers play a critical role in our societies.  

Actually, the confusion is that most of us does not know the value of recycling and what items are recyclable? We all have to understand how much the recycling practice is beneficial for the overall environment and for our economies.  

We are living in a connected society. The technology is there, and it is ever evolving. 

Metal scrap companies in Dubai are using many techniques for recycling various types of scrap materials because recycling is not only the collection of used or unwanted materials but it is the art of making waste into a resource.

Now, the question is what happens after collection of waste scrap, where does it go?

Recyclable materials are collected by dedicated waste recycling and management companies to sort into different waste categories like paper, plastics, metals, glass, non-recyclable waste and others.

Types of collected waste goes through different recycling streams and each of them has its distinguished value. So, the metals are collected at scrap yards in Dubai and then sorted into ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals. 

We, Lucky Recycling collect most types of scrap metals at our recycling facility. In-case if you are not sure how to sort your scrap metals then no need to worry about it. Our dedicated team and the state of art recycling techniques at our facility will sort, weigh and test when you bring them to our facility.

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