Monday 15 June 2020

From Consumer Goods to Industrial Production - THE MYRIAD USES OF ALUMINIUM

aluminium recycling company in UAE
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From a leader’s chair to a comfortable garden seating chair; the Aluminum is found everywhere.  Aluminum is one of the most common metals  used in our daily lives either in the form of the chair that we sit on, furniture we use, or the bed that we sleep on- all are widely used with aluminum components for a strong framework. 

Window frames and doors are made of aluminum. Additionally, our cookware, housewares, and home decor accessories are also made up of aluminium. The wide utilization of aluminium in our household objects vouches for the versatile use and the importance of this metal.  

One of the most prominent uses of aluminium is in the form of utensils. Aluminum utensils have an added advantage over other materials due to its light weight, high pliability, resistance and good heat conductivity, and durability. Extremely malleable in nature, aluminium is an ideal metal to be drawn in sheets and be used as foils for covering food. These properties make aluminum a much-favored metal for kitchenware. 


  • Aluminum foil can be used in many different ways. Wrapping aluminium foil around the tip of banana keeps the banana fresh and makes it last longer. 
  • Iron used for pressing clothes can gather rust over a period of time. The rust can be scrapped off by using aluminum foil.  

This ensures optimum utilization of the resource and also promotes sustainability where demand of recycled metal surging rapidly, scrap metal trading is flourishing in Dubai.

We are surrounded by metal works, both inside or outside our houses. Instead of discarding old or broken-down household objects, these should be sent for recycling. 

The metal recycling companies in Dubai recycle the scrap aluminium for various purposes. The multifaceted use of aluminium makes it a high demand metal in industrial as well as household sector. 

However, recycling aluminum is an ecologically beneficial method to cut down the greenhouse gases. Besides, recycling aluminium takes only a tiny fraction of energy as compared to the production of new aluminium. 

Lucky Recycling; a part of Lucky Group, uses advanced and eco-friendly techniques to recycle metals like aluminium. Recycling scrap metal is the cornerstone of an efficacious waste management system and pivotal for creating a sustainable environment.  

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