Monday 8 June 2020

Have an old car that nobody wants?

Recycling Mantra - Contributes towards sustainability and ensures optimum usage of resources.

So you ended up keeping and maintaining that old car over the years, but now with the new emission norms, it can no longer be driven. That old beauty which you have used down the years has now turned into a beast of burden that nobody wants to buy.

A lot of car lovers get stuck up in such situations where they simply cannot get rid of a vehicle. This can happen over time because they get too outdated or because their maintenance costs increase to a level that they become too expensive to own. Rising fuel costs are not too helpful in such a situation either.
Scrap metal- Old car
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The next best thing that one could do is find another owner or let it just lie there in the parking lot getting covered in dust. After a couple of months, such vehicles eventually end up getting scrapped at the junk yards.

What does one do? If you love the environment, the best thing you could do, is to take your vehicle to a car recycler. Car recyclers are not scrap buyers in Dubai! They are a team of field experts who would disassemble or shred your car completely, in a step-by-step manner. They would either quote you a lumsum price for your car or give you a price for the different parts individually. 

This helps the environment by not discarding the entire car, with all the lubricants, and oils intact, which eventually leak out (including toxic substances from batteries) and damage the environment. Additionally the car owner get better value as well that helps channel the various metals that can be used and helps them reach scrap metal yards in Dubai

Metal scrap companies in Dubai would then segregate the ferrous & non-ferrous scrap metals and re-process them into raw materials suitable for various industries around the world  or melt them into ingots which gets delivered to manufacturers; eventually reaching the production line as a new product.

So the next time you know someone who is about to junk their car, tell them what they could do to help save the environment.

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