Wednesday 13 January 2021

Increase in Self Storage Facility – An Opportunity for Scrap Material Recyclers

Real estate is a cherished possession, especially in a country like UAE. Self-storage facilities in the country are no exception. More and more residents in the country are opting for renting the storage facilities space. This has made it a booming industry in the country. On an average, 10 square feet space can cost around AED 300 per month ( 

According to many studies, people rent out these spaces for longer periods of time and use it to store items they do not want to part with. These items, while being locked-in and not used as frequently, holds more value for the owners and the economy – by offering scrap material for recycling; particularly scrap metals. It is a niche that offers a rewarding opportunity for scrap recyclers in the nation. 

So, what makes metal recycling in demand today? There is an ever-growing need for scrap metal. The benefits of scrap metal recycling are well known – it benefits the economy and the environment while conserving the depleting natural resources by reducing the need to mine for virgin metal ores. Not only it is economical, but it is also the need of the hour. 

While mining for metal ores and processing the metals is a time consuming and prolonged process, recycling the already-existing metal is a much simpler, quicker, and smarter alternative. A country like UAE has highly developed and modern infrastructure that is ever growing to keep up with the technology and uses huge amounts of metals in the process. This has in turn helped in increasing the employment in the sector. 

Recycling metals does not only help in creating huge infrastructures and big appliances, it is used in our day to day items like smart phones, window frames, stationary clips, etc. The raw material (recycled metals) costs a fraction compared to using virgin metals in these instances. The metals that are not recycled or not disposed properly end up in landfills. Other than pollution, the toxic chemicals in these metals pose an alarming threat to soil health, wildlife, ground water, and even humans. 

For those with self-storage facilities, it is worthwhile to check the materials stored and segregate the metal components for efficient recycling. Not only does it bring monetary gains, but also the pride and satisfaction in doing their bit in helping the planet.

A strong economy like UAE has a tight housing market – hence, people are settling for self-storage facilities. The market in UAE for self-storage facilities is growing as well as the scrap yards in its major cities, like the scrap yards in Dubai

Lucky Group is the leading metal recycling company in Dubai that undertakes metal recycling throughout the nation in its quest to provide best value – economically and environmentally. 

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