Monday 15 February 2021

Stress Management at workplace during Covid-19

 In our previous blog,we discussed COVID 19 pandemic has hit economic activities globally thus metal recycling companies have been affected too but at the same time the Covid-19 pandemic resulting negative impact on many people’s mental health and wellbeing.

Whenever we talk about social distance or isolation which is a vital step in helping to slow the spread of this virus but on the other hand these situations linked to poor mental health outcomes due to worry and stress over the coronavirus. 

From the Census Bureau’s Household Pulse Survey which capture data on health and economic impacts of the pandemic on human’s health stated that people who were sheltering in place (47%) reported negative mental health effects resulting from worry or stress related to coronavirus than among those not sheltering-in-place (37%). Also half of the people who lost income or employment during pandemic reported negative mental health impacts from worry or stress and lower income people report higher rates of major negative mental health impacts compared to higher income people.

Organizations and businesses like Lucky Recycling within their Corporate Social Responsibility took concrete and effective measures to protect employees and their families. During this unprecedented time of uncertainty and fear it was our corporate social responsibility that organization must support the meaningful human connections until the pandemic is over.

stress management at workplace - lucky group
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Good health and well-being can have a huge positive impact on employees to ensure long-term business continuity. Some good practices to manage the crisis Lucky Group has assured its employees and their employment sustainability throughout the pandemic irrespective of the external economic factors including the group also provided the better health benefits for the well-being of its employees by building all necessary safety parameters within the organization.

Metal scrap companies in Dubai that are currently going through economic recession continue to discuss and are taking further actions to alleviate the burdens of the COVID-19 pandemic which are not only affecting the Scrap metals trading business but to provide maximum resources to overcome anxiety and depression due to coronavirus which reported negative impacts on employees mental and physical health.

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