Tuesday 16 February 2021

Efficient use of Scrap Metals

Recycling has myriad of benefits – not only economically, but also environmentally and ecologically. Metal recycling helps in reducing mining and reduces the amount of waste that goes into landfills. Not all businesses can afford manufacturing using virgin metal, recycled metals cost relatively lower while preserving the integrity of the metal. In fact, some countries that do not have rich metal resources often import recycled metal or metal scraps to meet the demand. While we are aware of the benefits of metal scrap metals and its recycling, it is only possible when the scrap metals are used in an efficient manner. 

Efficient use of scrap metal - Metal horse
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Steel is one of the most used metal that does not lose its properties in recycling process, even when alloys are mixed in the process. Using the blast arc furnace, steel can be produced entirely from scrap, without requiring iron ore or coke. Stainless steel scrap market in Dubai is a hot bed for such initiatives. By integrating steel scraps into steel making process, businesses and organization can contribute towards a sustainable circular economy. 

Metal is used extensively in household and other FMCG products, like canned food and beverages. The aluminum packaging used contains some amount of recycled metals. Some companies, in a bid to promote sustainability, use 100% recycled metal for the packaging. Due to the nature of these goods, the recycled metals can be back in market in form of packaging of a new product in approximately 60 days. Recycled aluminum requires less processing. Not only it is energy efficient, but also economical for low-value products. 

A huge amount of ferrous scrap comes from automobiles. UAE has huge demand of cars and other vehicles that have a potential of recycling. Apart from the conventional methods and ways in which automobile scraps are recycled, many artists have turned the scrap into artwork. Recently, Tariq Al Salman, an artist from Ras Al Khaimah used iron scrap to create a sculpture of corona virus. The artist wanted to represent the effects of the virus on life today. https://www.thenationalnews.com/arts-culture/art/ras-al-khaimah-artist-turns-scrap-metal-into-a-sculpture-of-covid-19-virus-1.1028715 Not only such instances help in creating awareness, but also promotes unconventional methods of metal recycling.

It is important to note that benefits of recycling can only be reaped with awareness – the general public should be educated about segregation. Often, metal scraps are not recycled to their potential due to lack of segregation and recycling knowledge. Segregation and collection of various scrap metals differ on basis of their value. Accordingly, the recycled metal scrap can be sold to scrap buyers in Dubai or recycling companies in the UAE. Lucky Recycling, part of Lucky Group is one such trustworthy name in the country that ensures using energy efficient recycling process and follows a diligent course to make optimum utilization of the resources.

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