Wednesday 13 January 2021

Environmental and Economic Benefits of Metal Recycling

Most of us agree that metal recycling is good for the environment and we should recycle as much as possible but do we really know the reasons to make an effort to separate the recyclables?

How does metal recycling benefit  the environment? – does it provide any monetary benefit? What can we do to ensure optimum recycling benefits?

Metals are found in metal ores that are extracted through mining. These ores are found in untouched landscapes. Mining entails destruction of the natural ecosystem – recycling helps in reducing the mining to a great extent. This helps in conservation – of the landscape as well as the habituating wildlife. 

Metal recycling also reduces chemical pollution. Using recycled metals reduces the amount of transport that is used, often internationally. Reducing carbon emissions and use of fuel in the process is a step towards greener planet. 

Metal recycling helps in reducing the production of greenhouse gases like Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Nitrous Oxide that is otherwise produced during the process of smelting new ores. It also consumes less energy. 

Recycling helps in reducing scrap metals that end up in landfills. Recycling also ensures there is no groundwater pollution, habitat destruction, or create unstable ecological conditions. It is wise to educate oneself and spread awareness about segregation and recycling to ensure the recyclable metals do not end up in landfills and can be recycled for both environmental and economic gains. 

The metal recycling sector has provided thousands of individuals with employment opportunities. With the growing metal recycling companies in UAE and scrap metal trading in the country, the sector has been contributing to the economy significantly. The companies that use machinery on any level of operation can sell the obsolete machinery that usually uses large amount of metal in its composition. 

Companies can also produce new items more economically by purchasing metal scraps for manufacturing purposes. While this reduces the manufacturing cost, the company can offer the products at lower rate compared to their competitors, often resulting in increased sales and resultant revenue. Metal scrap is also a part of international trade – many countries are involved in international scrap metal trading. 

Individuals are able to generate a significant amount of revenue by recycling the metal waste found in everyday household items. For example, did you know you can recycle common items like metal window frames, aluminum and steel cookware, etc. generate substantial value for a household. Scrap buyers in Dubai make this process simple and convenient. Many metal scrap dealers also offer new items at discounted rates or adjust price in exchange for metal scraps. 

As discussed in this blog, recycling metal offers a myriad of benefits – economical and environmental. 

Lucky Group is committed to contributing towards a greener planet and provide the best value for metal scrap in the country. 

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