Wednesday 13 January 2021

Valuable Metal – Copper Wires

 Valuable Metal – Copper Wires

For any scrapper, possession of copper is as good as holding gold. Copper is obviously way cheaper than gold, however its mining process makes it a valuable metal. In the scrap metal  industry and in our everyday life very few metals match the value of  copper when recycled.

Copper is always booming

Copper Scrap Trading was also affected by the COVID-19 crisis but scrap metal industry is a booming sector and one of the most lucrative metals is copper.  Copper will continue to play a significant role in the overall metals market, especially in times when most of metal industries experience disruption due to pandemic. Buyers of Copper Scrap in Dubai often feel deceived with the procurement of copper at low value but if you are looking to earn money out of selling copper scrap you should know which copper scrap dealers are reliable ones; check the company’s past record and enquire about its services and fair monetary policies through its past and current customers.  

When handling copper wires…

Copper pipes and copper wires are made from same material. However, wire scrapping is little more tedious as the wire is more intricately made. It is also covered with insulation.

What state is your copper material in? The answer will play a key role in determining how much can you expect out of the sale or recycling transaction.

It is undeniable that a clean copper wire that is devoid of impurities will give you the highest return as one of the Lucky Recycling.

Many tend to destroy the rubber insulation on the copper wire with fire to avoid the difficulty of scraping it off. However, burning rubber is not recommended as it impacts the environment badly and is also illegal in some places.

Copper wire
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Last, but not the least, burning the rubber insulation degrades the value your material thus to get good value for your copper scrap by recycling it. Apart from that the habit of recycling scrap metals instead of dumping them in large dumping grounds prevents accumulation of non-biodegradable wastes. These wastes are harmful for the environment and land, leading to its degradation.

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