Thursday 10 September 2020

Brass in Automotive Industry

 Brass is one of the most versatile alloys created by a composition of copper and zinc.

It is debated that Brass is known to have been found since the ancient times. Its true value as an alloy was not understood until the post-medieval period.  

A muted yellow color somewhat similar to gold and the most noticeable alloy has great importance used in electric components, engineering, used in different accessories like watches, design materials, musical instruments, decorate buildings, particularly interiors and sanitary ware, plumbing installations, fittings and valves etc. 

Due to its strength and heat-resistance, brass auto parts are widely utilized for different automobile vehicles as well like cars, truck, bikes etc.

As development in automotive industry, manufacturers are designing the components made of brass with industrial innovations and more advance technologies that are fully competitive and lower in material costs compare to aluminium counter parts. As base metals for radiators, copper and brass require fewer manufacturing steps has longer life with high quality features.

The greatest advantage of using brass in multiple applications is that it is a sustainable metal. It is a known fact that brass product supplier and manufacturers throughout the world depend on recycled brass scrap for their resources.  The metal from recycled radiators will be significantly easier to re-melt. In fact, this alloy retains its original structure even after brazing. 

There are many other usages of brass and brass alloys. The need for brass is increasing and to meet the needs it is necessary that brass should be available in greater amount.  Sources of brass scrap are limited in Dubai. The main scrap buyers in Dubai is Lucky Recycling; a division of Lucky Group. 

Lucky Group is an environmentally conscious entity to make the availability of brass scrap easier to manufacturers in the most ecologically beneficial way possible.

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