Wednesday 26 August 2020


The Middle East has grown both economically and demographically in recent years having very modern cities like Dubai. As our cities grow and move towards a brighter future, so does the population within it. Having a moderately populated country helps in improving the national income of the country as a whole.

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But along with such advancement comes the question of waste disposal. Waste disposal here is not an issue; the issue here is about recycling. How many of us in Dubai actually make an effort to recycle? The effort lies in not dumping all the waste together but in segregating it. It is not a difficult task to follow and one can accomplish such a task by simply having different bins for different items right in our homes. Once we begin to follow such a regime, it becomes a part of our daily lives and works for the betterment of our own future.

The same trash that we segregate at home follows their individual paths into recycling facilities and then they take up the tedious job of processing and providing scrap back again into raw materials for manufacturers. Scrap buyers in Dubai like Lucky Recycling, a division of the Lucky Group have done a great job in taking care and helping in the problem of disposal of metals in Dubai. The Lucky Group’s experience and association with multiple countries in the Middle East helps the environment in getting rid of all the scrap metal while reducing the need for mining which damages our beautiful planet.

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