Wednesday 26 August 2020

Landfills: Recovering Value in Scrap Metals

 Billion tons of waste is generated each year ( Out of this waste, a major part includes metals. Majority of these wastes are incinerated or dumped into landfills which could have become valuable resources for the recycling industries.

Extensive programs are in progress in many countries that are exploring several ways of recovering metals from the existing landfills. It is a cost-effective proposition that is encouraging all the leading countries to consider doing so. Besides cost-effectiveness, the extraction of scrap metals from landfills is a stride towards cleaner environment. 

Why metal extraction from landfills is needed?

Aluminium alloy manufacturers in Dubai are suggested to utilize the metals from the landfills, which would prove to be cost effective and environment-friendly. This is testament to the fact that benefits from extracting the metal are not solely profit-oriented. However, recovering metal from these landfills is a cumbersome job and takes some time and effort. Many research programs are making commendable findings to discover a sustainable method to segregate these metals from the trash. 

Companies like the Lucky Group undertake copper recycling in Dubai, with an environment-friendly approach. The metals extracted are reintegrated into a usable component, and then sold to the firms for producing new products. Landfill extraction also decreases the problem of lack of availability of landfill space. Not every place could be used for landfill and space which is once used could be excavated and then reused, giving significant benefits to the environment.

A sundry of Dubai scrap yards is looking to increase their profits by extracting metals from these landfills. Besides, these scrap yard owners along with the landfill regulatory bodies are also finding ways to have a sustainable way of conducting their business. Extraction of metals from such landfills could address the problem and be a splendid solution for the environment and the economy.

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