Wednesday 26 August 2020

How can we co-relate Metal abundance, Recycling and Price?

 The abundance of metals in the earth’s crust and the human’s constant exploitation of the planet to dig out the metals for his uses have made recycling an unspoken post process. The recycling and reuse industry has been playing a major part in the economy of a nation. Copper recycling in Dubai is one such example which provides employment to many people. The abundance of metallic waste makes it easier and cheaper to recycle instead of mining its ore and refining it. 

Extraction of raw metals vs recycling metals

The extraction of metals from the soil would be followed by refining through several steps until a usable alloy or desired purity of the metal is achieved. The process involves the emission of many hazardous gases into the environment and also the loss of certain biodiversity of the place. It is reported that recycling a metal will cost around 50 US dollars to 150 US dollars per ton of the metal, which is still better than the extraction of metal. (

Recycling of metals saves you a lot of costs and is environment friendly. Be it copper, aluminium, or any other metal, the recycling would help to get already refined state of the metal which could be tweaked a bit to meet your requirement. It is reported that recycling aluminium would save around 90 percent of the energy, which makes it crucial to recycle this metal. The recycling of metal also saves the environment from the hazardous gases emitted during its refining and extraction. (,new%2C%20or%20primary%2C%20aluminum.) Aluminium alloy manufactures in Dubai should consider recycling metals to have better profit margins than extracting the metal from its ore. Metal scrapping or recycling in major cities, like Copper scrap in Dubai will give room to a lot of employment opportunities. It would also drop the rate of import of metals and transportation charges which would incur in transporting the metals. Many scrap buyers in Dubai also get benefitted when recycling of the metal is considered.

The advancement in recycling technology has made room for efficient metal recycling. However, recycling and the plethora of benefits it provides supersedes the need for additional mining. It is also a step towards preserving the reserves and ensuring a constant supply of the already depleting resources. 

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