Monday 21 September 2020

Industries That Are Generating Scrap Metals

There should not be a concept of “junk” on this Earth when it comes to scrap metals; every scrap has some value to it. Metals offer great value when recycled and reused in Dubai scrap trading. The recycled metals can be used repeatedly without losing their physical or chemical properties. Let us look at the top industries that produce huge amounts of scrap metals:

Construction and demolition industry 

The construction industry serves wide range of scrap metals like aluminium frames which are used in windows and doors, copper tubes, stainless steel structure material, brass fittings mainly used in plumbing items, copper electrical wires, metal beams, iron bars and pipes, etc. A lot of scrap is produced in terms of left over material during the construction of new building or at the time of demolition, when it generates scrap metals. The industry generates about 32.4% ( of the total metal scrap.

Automobile industry 

The automobile industry produces tones of scrap metals each week. Iron and steel make up approximately 70% of a vehicle’s weight. ( The process results in the significant metal leftovers. These scrap leftovers are then melted, reused, or sent for recycling in the Dubai scrap yards.


Aluminium and steel is used widely in food packaging applications having excellent barrier properties and extending product life. Apart from food products, metal packaging is also used for the packaging of paint and chemical materials.

The well-established modern recycling technologies for metal packaging around the world have contributing to educate consumers about the sustainable qualities of metal for recycling.

Appliance industry 

Appliance industry produces a plethora of scrap during the manufacturing process. The industry uses the scrap metals as raw materials to produce their products. These raw material is cut or moulded into required form. However, this results in the production of scrap. Around 15.6% ( of scrap metals are generated from the industry.

The scrap metals hold a great value that has been recognized by many business owners who have been converting scrap and reaping monetary profits. Lucky group is one of the few in metal recycling industries which do not only recycle scrap metals in shaping the economy in general but also contributing for the sustainable environment. 

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