Friday 18 September 2020

How Does Stainless Steel Contribute to the Food Industry?

Food comes in contact with metals in stages of its processing. To prevent transfer of harmful elements from metals to food, it is important to understand the type of interaction and select the suitable metal for food handling depending on the food processing. 

Stainless steel is extensively used in food industry due to their inherent resistance to corrosion. It can be formed into complex shapes and sterilized without deterioration. Also, it also does not impart any color and flavor to food, making it ideal for the food industry.

Most of the stainless steel used in food industry contains chromium in the range of 16 – 18 %. This provides optimum corrosion resistance in wide range of food and beverage media. A great example of industry-level usage includes brewing vessels, storage facilities, and milk tankers. 

Austenitic grades are used for storage and transportation of corrosive food products. For food containing salt, grades containing Molybdenum are suitable. 

316L/1.4404 is referred to as “food grade” in food industry. Another popular grade is 304L/1.4307.

Ferritic stainless steel is magnetic in nature and is used in household appliances. It offers corrosion resistance for when high corrosion resistance is not required. 

Martensitic grades have high levels of carbon and is hardened by heat treatment. This is used where high wear resistance is required.  420/1.4021 is used for the making knives. It retains sharpness even after prolonged use. 

Duplex grades offer high resistance to corrosion caused by saline solutions at high temperatures. It is used in custard and vinegar making, manufacturing of sauces, cheese making, and fish-canning plants. 

Selecting the correct grade of steel and alloys in food industry is a very important decision. It involves considerable costs in terms of procuring and set-up. Dubai is one of the biggest gastro-hubs. This means the demand for stainless steel is constant. This however also means stainless steel scrap ends up in Dubai scrap yards

Use of stainless steel in food industry

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With the extent of stainless steel used in the food industry, it is only wise to ensure that it is recycled and reused. Metal recycling companies in Dubai, like Lucky Group specializes in efficient and sustainable metal recycling. Recycling and reusing is a step towards sustainable and greener planet and is a need of the hour. Lucky Recycling, part of Lucky Group, employs advanced techniques and technology to realize their aim of promoting sustainability. 

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