Thursday 22 April 2021

Recycled Metal Scrap – Where does it go next?

recycled metal scrap
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We have explored many aspects of recycled metals in previous blogs. Today we will see where does recycled metal scrap goes next.  Recycled metal has plethora of uses – it is never wasted. Scrap metals like copper, iron, aluminum, steel, and others are collected from Dubai scrap yards recycled at metal recycling companies in Dubai and reused in the following ways: 

Industrial Use

Construction projects use huge volumes of iron and steel. They are also used extensively for building infrastructure like roads and bridges. In the transportation industry, steel is used in the manufacturing of vehicles, aircrafts, etc. Iron, especially cast-iron recycling holds a lot of potential as it is used for variety of structural and decorative purposes. 


Recycled scrap metals like steel and aluminum are commonly reused as new food packaging. Most canned goods use a significant percentage of recycled metal and many are made from 100% recycled scrap metals. 

Recycled scrap metal can reappear on shelves as a new food or beverage container with a quick turnaround time of around 2 months. This process is extremely efficient and economical. Additionally, recycled aluminum requires less processing and as a result, also reduces emission of greenhouse gases than new aluminum. This makes the production of packaging using recycled metal both eco-friendlier and more cost-effective as compared to creating cans using new aluminum.

Home Furnishings

If we take a good look around our house, we will stumble upon many instances wherein recycled metal has been put to use. Furnishings, fixtures, and lighting make use of recycled metal components. Metal roofing these days sometimes are made completely out of recycled metals. 

Various artists have got creative and used the scrap metal to create modern artwork and décor material. It has been instrumental in inspiring people in reusing and recycling rather than replacing the decor with new items. 

Copper is an important component in a common household. Recycled copper is used in structure of a household, plumbing materials, cable, and heat exchanges. It is also used in air conditioning systems. 

Right from industrial and manufacturing to household, recycled metal scrap is used in all shapes and forms. Dubai scrap trading provide you with endless possibilities and innovations that you can discover when you choose to recycle your scrap metal. 

Lucky Recycling, part of Lucky Group is one of the largest recycling companies in the UAE. It aims to create a sustainable future for the planet and the coming generations with their conscious recycling efforts. 

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