Monday 19 October 2020

3 Common household Metals Facts for Children

Household items contain variety of metals which we encounter every day in our lives. We see and use these metals frequently like Aluminum cans, Stainless utensils, electrical Copper wires and much more.  Today, we have ranked the 3 most common household metals used in our daily lives.


Copper use in cables
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Owing to its unique property of quick and smooth passage to heat it is an ideal metal for electrical appliances.  Because of its ductility, high conductivity, low resistance, and less oxidization it is an ideal choice for architecture, construction industries, aesthetic jewelry and interior designer’s solutions.

Copper is the most common metal that can be found in our household appliances: smartphones, computers, telecommunication devices, televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, air conditioning, microwaves, household wirings, some of kitchen decorations or serving utensils and dishwashers.


Aluminum wrapper
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Another most valuable and versatile household metal is Aluminum having huge demand and success in metals recycling industries.  Highly malleable, resistant to corrosion, stronger and light weight makes it a perfect choice for the manufacturing industries of automobile and cookware items.  Aircraft uses aluminum because it is sturdy and light.

Today, the most common use of Aluminum we see in our daily lives is in food packaging products for its long term safe storage.  All of soda cans usually are made of Aluminum.  

Many children wrap their sandwiches in Aluminum foil. Overhead cables that supply electricity from one point to another are also made of Aluminum in many countries

Manufacturers of smartphones, tablets, laptops, flat screen TVs, monitors and other equipment are using an increasing amount of Aluminum. Nevertheless, Aluminum has become an integral part of our everyday life. 


Steel utensils - fork
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Steel is also the most common metal alloy mixture of different elements like Carbon, mostly used in building houses, tools, motors and engines, industrial machineries, bars for making reinforced  concrete, kitchen cutleries, industrial plants,  ships and boats,  electrical appliances, rails for trains, electrical transformers and towers, bridges and other industrial machineries. The most attractive trait of steel is that it can be casted into various shapes. Perhaps one of the widest uses of this metal alloy is as Stainless Steel in household appliances, utensils and kitchenware. 

Stainless steel has an impressive tensile strength, is resistant to high and low temperatures, and is resistant to corrosion( The durability and long-lasting features of Stainless Steel makes it suitable for being molded in the form of utensils and other household tools. It is also among the most recycled metals which makes Steel scrap a good metal for the circular economy. 

Households should adopt the eco-friendly practice of selling their scrap metals to Scrap metal recycling companies. Lucky Group is a leading name amongst the metal recycling companies of UAE which practices the most advanced technology to recycle metals scrap. Lucky Recycling; as part of Lucky Group uses the latest processes which are environmentally beneficial to recycle a variety of metal scrap that transforms waste metals into valuable raw material for end-users a path for a sustainable environment. 

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