Monday 19 October 2020

3 Myths about Metal Recycling Business

Metal recycling is an essential measure for preserving non-renewable minerals and reducing waste. Here are 3 myths around the recycling business that we have debunked: 

1. Metal recycling consumes more energy than mining and processing new metals.

The process of mining the metal ore, purifying it, and processing it further is an advanced and lengthy process requiring a huge amount of energy at each stage. Whereas, metal recycling companies in Dubai and worldwide consumes significantly less amount of energy for the complete process of recycling. Recycling aluminum saves around 92% to 95% of the energy used to manufacture new ones from the virgin materials  (

Similarly, recycling steel saves 56% and copper saves 90% of the amount of energy required for production from raw materials ( Hence, metal recycling companies in Dubai and across the globe have sizably contributed towards energy conservation and preservation of the exhaustible mineral resources.  

2. The demand for recycled metal is insipid in the market.

Scrap metal holds great value to manufacturers owing to its cost effectiveness with no compromise in the quality. Recycled metals are used extensively in automotive, construction, house ware, kitchenware, electronics and consumer goods industry. Aluminum, ferrous, and copper scrap in Dubai and in fact, globally, are amongst the most recycled metals because of their myriad use in diverse sectors. ( )

The ill-conceived notion that recycled metal is inferior as compared to new metal, and hence, is not desirable, is false. The growing concerns regarding environment protection, waste reduction, energy preservation and conservation of non-renewable mineral resources have given impetus to the metal recycling companies in Dubai. Scrap metal trading is flourishing as the market is expanding for recycled metal which is as good as new metal and environmentally as well as economically viable. In 2018, the market demand for recycled metal was estimated to be 787.5 million tons. It is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 4.1% from 2019 to 2025. ( Thus, with positive demand of recycled metal across industries of all sizes, lucrative prospects await metal scrap yards and metal recycling companies. 

3. Metals cannot be recycled indefinitely.

Metal scrap can be recycled over and over again while being transformed into the same product as before. This is called ‘closed loop recycling’ wherein the scrap is recycled, usually into the same product, leaving negligible waste in the process. Closed loop recycling has become a popular practice among recycling companies in UAE. In this process, the cycle of being manufactured, then used and ultimately being recycled can continue without any definite stop. Besides, the recycled metal retains its quality. Most common scrap undergoing closed loop recycling is scrap from aluminum cans. Scrap from aluminum cans is recycled made into cans and the process continues. Hence, closed loop recycling ensures recycling chain sustainability.   

Lucky Group is the most trusted name amongst recycling companies in the UAE and is credited for the superior technology and eco-friendly techniques employed in recycling scrap metal. Lucky Recycling of the Lucky Group demonstrates the highest standards in the industry with its advanced processes for recycling ferrous and nonferrous metals. Recycled metal is soon to be the norm with the growing environment awareness and the consequent market demand for nature-friendly produce. 

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