Thursday 23 April 2020

Air quality & its link to Covid-19

For healthy homes & work environments, it is crucial   to improve its air quality especially where the whole world is in a health crisis due to COVID-19 and taking maximum precautions.

Improving wellness while staying at home or at work during this disruptive situation is the most relevant discussions everywhere. It is recommended by experts to maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle specially who are sensitive to allergens or have a respiratory underlying issues to prevent COVID-19 infection. .

Experts advice that during this pandemics we must attempt to breathe fresh air or purify our domestic air quality. Cleaning your AC filters is one of the ways to improve indoor air quality which can help in avoiding serious illnesses.  You can, however, do certain cleaning and maintenance tasks yourself to ensure efficient operation.  If you don’t, then the air flow will be restricted, reducing efficiency and you will recirculate dust into your home or at work which will  affect your overall health system and may cause asthma or may cause  difficulty in breathing or similar respiratory issues.

Also, if you don’t do this maintenance before summer arrives, you may end up with higher amount of service charges to be paid.

Have we ever noticed why Air conditioners cost so much more to cool down a house or work place because the purpose of the air conditioner is to remove heat from the air and vent it outside? One of the components of an air conditioner that allows it to do this are the condenser coils in also known as radiators.

An air conditioner condenser coil is made up of copper tubes and aluminum fins which help in circulating cool air through those tubes freely and it is important that these condenser coils must be maintained and kept clean.

As a homeowner if you see your AC is not working and it is the time to replace with new then you should remove important components from your AC like condenser coils, compressor, wires, iron and others components which needs to be disposed-off at the dedicated recycling center.

Lucky Group has facilitated at their Dubai scrap yards for proper recycling of scrap metals such as air conditioners.

You may also approach metal scrap companies in Dubai for free disposal at their doorstep.

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