Tuesday 7 April 2020

Safety Precautions in Waste Management and Recycling

Social distancing has kept us away from our loved ones due to COVID-19 but telecommunication during this outbreak has made it possible to remain connected at any time throughout the globe.

We have already seen businesses, schools, and other organizations advising their employees to work from home and students to stay home or use online learning to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

However, from employees and student’s point of view do they all have adequate facility at home to work remotely?  Are their internet speeds fast enough? Because the whole world is trying to connect at the same time.  Is their network secure? 

IT departments are connecting communities during this challenging time and providing maximum facilities and cyber securities for all the remote users.

But on the other hand, it is also necessary to update ourselves either you are working from office or home.  This is a good time to evaluate your devices and discard the unwanted or out-dated devices which may affects ROTI (Return on time invested) during this outbreak.

Recycling is a good option if your device is damaged and cannot be reused or sold. But if you are planning to recycle out-dated devices your, IT department always look for recycling companies in UAE which provides the best solution to recycle your products.

Segregating useful scrap metals from surplus stock of material might look easy, but it’s not. These days scrap metals yard in Dubai need to be extra cautious due to the economic, social and health impact of the Coronavirus. 

Wash your hands for twenty seconds before and after handling of scrap metals because metal elements can enter the body through inhalation of dust.  Lucky Recycling ensures that all of their team members and valuable suppliers follow proper hand hygiene practices, use of masks and gloves in order to beat the deadly virus together.  

Protection is the best cure.

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