Tuesday 10 March 2020

Trash to Treasure

The beauty of scrap
Photo reference: From Lucky Group archives

We have heard the old saying, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. These days when we all are on the environmental radar and aim towards being more nature conscious. One may not find a diamond in the Dubai scrap yards but creatively using the “trash” that is already there will not lift your work-space aesthetics but leads you towards a more environment-friendly lifestyle. 

Most of the items found in the scrap yards can be up-cycled with minimum of efforts and can save your money rather than buying new products. 

“Restyle your work-space”
  • While looking at scrap metal yards in Dubai, you may find copper scrap, copper wires can be converted into a great art piece by reshaping it as a flower and it can act as centerpiece for your office desk. 
  • Metal frames can be reused as a great wall organizer, add some paint, shelf and hooks to it and you have your own wall organizer.
  • Paint Buckets or Big Tin Cans can be creatively converted into an ice bucket for your mini bar or act as a great decor piece for a corner.
  •  Planters for your herb garden made out of old tin cans are one the best ways to reuse it and can also be revamped to store office stationery. 

Most of the above mentioned materials are easily available at home or you can buy from any metal scrap companies in Dubai. And by putting such minimal efforts you can instantly add an interesting touch to your office work-space decor and convert the trash to treasure. 

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