Wednesday 4 March 2020


Protecting the environment is not only the responsibility of every individual but it’s concern that we all need to share among the community to protect our environment from harmful effects caused by waste disposal into our landfills.

Waste generation is increasing drastically daily, so we all have to come forward and embed the recycling culture in our home and public places. Otherwise its negative impact on our environment whether it is homes, work places, schools, and universities can leave a lasting dent on our future generations.

Lucky Recycling considers the value of scrap metals and its generation at its  scrap metals yard in Dubai by providing recycling services to corporate at their work places which not only brings monetary value for the firm but also provide a recycling awareness among its employees.

How to bring recycling culture at work places;

  • Eliminate single-use plastic bottles and encourage staff to use reusable water bottles, cups or mugs for beverages.
  • Arrange recycling awareness campaigns at workplaces and provide recycling bins at all necessary places.
  • Avoid paper usage, encourage E-filing and print only when necessary.
  • Manage your recyclable waste at designated areas so employees can actively participate in your recycling campaigns.
  • Find proper recycling companies in UAE for your recyclable metals collected at your work places.
  • Ask suppliers to avoid sending disposable waste which adds additional burden on your facility.
  • Collaborate with paper recycling companies for disposal of magazines or used cartons.
  • Use refillable, reusable toner cartridges for laser printers and copiers.

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