Thursday, 27 September 2018

Recycling Electronics

Electronic devices such as mobiles phones, tablets, PCs are being increasingly discarded used on a daily basis. These electronics contain considerable amounts of metal in them. When these electronics are no longer in use, they can be recycled in order to reduce the landfills and toxic wastes. There are a number of valuable metals found in these electronics.

 The electronic waste is a rich source of precious metals such as gold that can be extracted from computers. Other precious metals that can be recovered also include silver that can be extracted from the electronics. Recovering these precious metals is not an easy task. Some of the modern recycling facilities can recover up to 95 percent of gold whereas facilities in developing countries can recover only up to 50 percent of the metal.

The metallic and non-metallic content from the electronics can be removed using magnets. Apart from gold and silver, metals like aluminum, copper, and brass are also present in the devices. The current recycling rates for electronics are quite low. Not all devices reach the recycling center. An even the ones that do, not all of its metallic content is recovered. The recycling rates can be increased by encouraging the public to recycle their used electronics and having recycling policies in companies.

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