Saturday, 15 September 2018

Scrap Metal Shavings

Metal shavings are a common waste in any metal processing industry. Every day, several metal shavings, chips and fillings are formed during the metal manufacturing processes. A large generation of scrap is created by industrial metal drilling and grinding. These by-products can be sold at a reasonable price to an industrial metal recycling centre. 

Recycling Scrap Metal Shavings

Collecting scrap metal shavings can be quite a task but there are industrial inventions to make it easier. Some commercial machine plants use metal chip vacuums that are capable of handling the sharp edges of the debris.

Recycling of metal shavings is not easy. Longer shavings tend to get entangled during the machining process. Using crushers, the entangled shaving nests are crushed into metal chips which can be transported easily. Metal shavings are also easier to melt down and can be pressed into small pellets. Using the metal briquetting system, the metal can be separated from any coolants or lubricants placed mixed with the metal.

Recycling metal shavings rather than discarding it into the landfills has environmental and financial benefits. It reduces the contamination with tramp oil and also reduces the amount of ore mining required to produce new metal. The scrap value is also a net gain apart from the costs handled for its handling and transportation.

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