Monday 25 June 2012

Every Organisation Can make a Conscious Effort and do their bit to Save the Environment

Every organisation out here in Dubai generates trash or garbage on a daily basis. The bigger the organisation or business, the more will be garbage generated every single day. This so called ‘garbage’ includes a lot of recyclable items. If you happen to work in a hospital, you would know that all medical waste is disposed off or incinerated at a secure location. In the case of a corporate office, an entire day’s worth of trash or garbage can contain, paper, food waste, metal in the form of paper clips, pins, cans from beverage containers, paper mugs from the water coolers, and plastic packaging and printer cartridges from printers etc. In fact there is so much of all of this, generated on a daily basis that bins need to be emptied almost twice a day to keep the office spick n span. In the case of a food business there is a lot more garbage in the form of plastics used to hold food and metal beverage cans that often end up together in trash which reaches landfills.


The environment cannot protect itself, which means that it is definitely up to us to do the needful. Make it a point in your office to do the following and it will make a difference.

  • Re-use printer cartridges, print documents on both sides if the document is meant for filing purposes.

  • Reduce the use of paper—go paperless if possible. A paperless system helps make documents accessible digitally and enables better transparency within an organisation.

  • In the case of plastic cartons and beverage cans, it is advisable to place separate bins for the same helping the waste department deal with them quicker, helping them reach recycling centres and scrap yards in Dubai quicker. This helps get that same can back to the market shelf rather than ending up in a landfill or getting incinerated.

  • Try and segregate the so called trash and you will notice that it will pay you back to some extent.

  • Most scrap metal traders in Dubai will pay you for delivering metal cans in large quantities on a regular basis. The same goes for recycling companies who can make use of paper and plastics generated at the workplace.

If you are a large organisation, it makes sense to tie up with a local recycler and reduce your carbon footprint by doing the same

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