Monday 25 June 2012

Scrap Metal Traders in the UK take a Hit for the common Good

The scrap metal trading industry in the UK is well-known throughout the globe for its quality contributions of both ferrous and non-ferrous scrap. The birthplace of the industrial revolution, the United Kingdom may have had a head start compared to the rest of the world when it comes to the judicial use of scrap metals, but today they have become increasingly famous for something else, some unwanted attention in the form of crime.

Scrap metal thefts have reached an all time high in the UK and it is the industry only, that seems to be killing itself. Itinerant collectors have been gathering scrap off street corners or homes; and although this does not seem to harm anyone, it is paving the way for those who steal scrap and sell it for profits. Picking up something that one does not have a use for with permission is one thing; but stealing pieces of copper and other metals out of functional mechanisms is downright theft. This gradually led to problems because scrap metal dealers would gladly accept stolen scrap without knowing or even enquiring about where it came from.

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The government finally decided to take action in form of passing a bill that introduces:

  • Tougher rules for scrap dealers who want licences

  • Greater powers for police and local authorities to suspend and revoke licences

  • A single national register of licensed dealersLucky group scrap trading and manufacturing company

How this helps, is that it creates a database where every scrap trading company has to compulsorily make an entry regarding every deal with details about the seller who brings in the scrap. The information that the national register receives gets even more secure with a cashless transactions for small businesses and householders; bringing in more details about the seller helping keep criminals and theft in control. Heavy fines would be inflicted upon traders who fail to produce identification of sellers who bring in the scrap. This would also lead to their licences getting revoked, helping them and the industry benefit from the same.

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