Wednesday 30 May 2012

Lucky Recycling is pleased to participate as a logistics partner in the EEG’s Can Collection Drive 2012

Another collection drive comes across and we at The Lucky Group of Companies are proud to extend our support.

We at The Lucky Group have always been a company that cares for both its employees and strives to improve our environmental quality while progressing towards a clean and safer place to live and work for our future generations. We do this by continually participating in local events around us here in Dubai where we have our headquarters and do so year after year providing solutions for those who help save the environment like the Emirates Environmental Group.

semi-primary aluminium alloy production

Extracting Aluminium Ore from Bauxite is a resource hungry and energy intensive process which needs a lot of energy to fuel the large Electric Arc Furnaces (EAF). Recycling Aluminium that already exists in the form of cans takes up only 5% of the former’s energy requirement.

The Lucky Group in Dubai technically is all about saving the environment. Our modern facilities be it our scrap metal recycling facility at Dubai and Qatar or our secondary and semi-primary aluminium alloy production facility at Jebel Ali both strive to procure, process and make available quality feedstock and processed raw materials for our clients satiating the needs of local manufacturers reducing Dubai’s carbon footprint as a whole when it comes to producing metals in the UAE.

We also abide by our firm’s environmental policy of continuously progressing towards an environmentally friendly infrastructure, including regular and continued reassessments of our physical operations, encouraging a sustainable workplace that promotes an environmentally-conscious organizational culture. This not only helps us be more efficient but also saves the environment helping us provide and promote the use of green materials for our clients.

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