Sunday 18 October 2009

What can be recycled?

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‘Going Green’ is the need of the hour. As opposed to what we might think, it is not difficult to become eco friendly in our little ways. Lets find out what are the things that can be recycled.

When you say ‘recycle’ most people think glass, plastic and paper. But the fact of the matter remains that almost everything you use can be recycled. Cardboard, paint, electronics, pesticides, rubber tube scrap and metals like aluminum scarp, copper scrap, ferrous scrap, stainless steel scrap, etc. can be taken to Dubai scrap yards and can be recycled. Recycling these items are important for many reasons. One of them is that items such as these contain toxic elements that are hazardous to human and animal health. If waste like this were to be left alone, they would also seep through the soil, polluting our underground water reserves.

It’s easy to find plastic, rubber or metal recycling companies in Dubai online. So the next time, before discarding off unused items, be sure to check for recycling companies or Dubai scrap yards and then go ahead and do the needful.

You can also get creative with being eco-friendly in one more way. Donating your old computer or your mobile to charitable organizations or to those who have none is also a step towards recycling.

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