Monday 19 October 2009

Recycling Copper Scrap

Copper and copper alloys have been recycled since many years.  Recycling copper scrap in Dubai had always been a normal and common economic practice. In the Middle ages, during times of war anything and everything made of copper was recycled to produce cannons.

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Copper recycling in Dubai is very useful now-a–days as it is used for critical electrical applications like the production of superfine enameled wires, power cables, plumbing tubes, roofing sheets and heat exchangers as well. The presence of the slightest amount of impurities in a cable made of copper can lead to expensive failures and losses. Thus care has to be taken when using copper scrap to see that it is fully diluted with good quality copper.

When copper scrap is already associated with other metals, it is wiser to take advantage of the situation rather than removing the impurities through expensive refining procedures. Thus copper scrap used in this way becomes more economical.

High quality copper can be recycled by a simple process that involves checking, smelting and casting to the finished shape.  If the copper scrap is pure, a high quality product can be obtained from it. The more it is mixed with other metals, the more difficult it becomes to adjust its composition. And when it is contaminated beyond acceptable limits, it becomes necessary to re-refine it.

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