Thursday 15 July 2021

Aluminium creates highlights on the work

Aluminum is one of the important metals which are widely used for different purposes but one of the attractions for using aluminium which defines its success these days in art and fashion industry.

“Through sculpture I try to create something unique out of an ordinary object.” Noah Deledda

Detroit-born artist Noah Deledda turns trash into treasure by transforming old aluminium cans into sculptures ( . The amazing architectural structures and heavenly man-made metal art prove that old goods can be transformed into new pieces by adopting creative ideas by reusing or recycling items that may have been sent to garbage dump or landfill. 

Have you ever thought when an item breaks down or does not function properly, we fix it or reuse it, rather than throwing it out? Technically a form of reusing, recycling is the reprocessing of waste into raw materials for use in making a new product. BUT do you know that we can invest in products that can be reused? For that you just need to be creative, resourceful and innovative. BUT HOW?

THINK DIFFERENTLY; ask yourself, “What can I make out of this?” You may be able to come up with valuable ideas. For example does an object’s shape remind you of something else? What happens when you turn it upside down? Does it look different? Does it remind you of something else? Like Noah Deledda uses his thumb to create dents and creases in the disposable object’s surface, resulting in incredible three-dimensional sculptures adorned in flawless, geometric patterns. (

The whole idea is of diverting waste into wealth. Lucky Recycling handles wide range of aluminium scrap metals which are an excellent choice for industrial applications. As an Urban miner in the region, we always help you out with your intentions about recycling metals at different locations in UAE.  We are privileged to deal with some of the loyal customers in different parts of the world who have always appreciated our service and quality of products.

Let’s encourages people to recycle waste scrap metals to get rid of landfill garbage because pollution is man’s as well as the earth’s common enemy.

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