Monday 14 December 2020

Recycling Farm Scrap Metals for Revenue Generation

Recycling scrap metals is the key to reducing mining throughout the world. Recycling scrap metal helps in reducing the amount of waste going into landfills. When it comes to recycling, most of the times these scrap materials end up in garbage due to lack of knowledge about recycling and its reuse. One of the sectors where waste metals is excessively used but is not recycled is farming. Lucky Group, the leading metal recycling companies in Dubai, in fact, in whole UAE, is committed to educating the community the benefits of recycling and its positive impact on the world.

A lot of people involved in farming are not aware of scrap metals trading and the substantial amount of revenue, we can generate from efficient and sustainable recycling program. Dubai scrap trading market is one of the most profit-earning industries to trade scrap metals. A farmer, or other individuals involved in trading business should be aware of the metals and its value according to its grading. 

Farm machineries including tractors and other equipment’s used in farming contain different grade of metals. Some farm equipment that was made around a decade back contains a lot more metal in weight as compared to the modernized equipment manufactured recently. 

scrap tractor
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Higher the weight of metal scraps, greater the value one gets in its return. Many of us are not aware that instead of letting this old equipment placed around in corner and gather dust and occupy space, these can be used for generating revenue. Some of the examples of the most popular obsolete farm machineries that can be trade-off like Hog oilers, threshing machines, engines and engine parts, steam tractors, flails, winnowing machines, used tractor parts, ploughs, combines, etc. Additionally, old farm tools, obsolete or damaged equipment’s, old metal storage sheds that are in need of replacement, etc. are also some good examples. 

Farming is a tough job, that is unfortunately not excessively monetarily rewarding but recycling farm metal scraps not only helps in generating revenue but also helps in creating more space for ongoing projects, decluttering helps in creating safer workspace for farmers and other workers, comfort and pride for farmers in knowing that in addition to producing food for the rest of us, they are also contributing in helping the planet. 

Lucky Recycling, part of Lucky Group is dedicated towards recycling the metal scrap in most energy efficient and eco-friendly manner. It continuously strives to reduce metal mining and potential metal scraps ending up in landfills. 

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