Monday 14 December 2020

3 Costly mistakes to avoid while picking up “Scrap Metals”

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Recycling metals offer both economic and environmental benefits. Metal is produced and used in abundance on an industrial level including household where metal is used in our day-to-day life. Recycling does not only help in de-cluttering, but also a source of additional revenue. However, lack of experimental metal knowledge and its handling will results losses. Below are the three costly mistakes to avoid while picking up the scrap metals: 

Choosing the right recycling company

The most efficient way of ensuring the used metal is recycled to its fullest is by choosing the most capable, professional and energy efficient recycling company. Many companies offer scrap pick-up, however, these companies may or may not have the required specialization or license to recycle the metals. Also, many companies that offer free pickup do not recycle the scrap themselves, and merely act as an agent to make profits. 

Lucky group specializes in metal recycling using energy efficient and environment-friendly methods. It leads among the recycling companies in UAE for its recycling abilities.

Looking for the best prices

One of the most common mistakes made in picking up scrap metal is by the seller does not do their research about the scrap market trends. Usually, a seller trades the scrap metal with the first scrap yard they come across. Scrap metal prices fluctuate from time to time. Some metals fetch more value than the others – it also depends on which metal recycling company in Dubai the seller opts for. Some companies charge huge amount for removal and segregating scrap. The seller ends up making a meagre or sometimes makes zero profit. It is always a great idea to compare prices offered and research about the services offered, for example, free on-site certified weighment, swift on-site segregation, and free collection also prompt payment before finalizing the most profit-earning option. If you need any assistance, contact our expert team at who will assist you to get the most lucrative value for your metal scrap.

Segregating the metal scrap before the pickup

Segregation is crucial for recycling for various reasons. Different scrap metals have different values. If the scrap metal is not separated properly, one might not get the best price. Moreover, the recycling process could also take longer. The seller should segregate the metal scrap according to their types and grades. Not only will it help them to get the better price, but also make the recycling process faster. 

Recycling is a diligent job. On industrial level, time is truly of an essence. It is important to find a recycling company that offers flexibility and meets the scheduling requirements of the seller. Lucky Recycling recognizes this need of the seller and offers not only the best price on the scrap metals, but also maintain scheduling flexibility. Being skilled and equipped with best recycling capabilities, you can be rest assured that the scrap metal is recycled to its full potential. 

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