Thursday 12 November 2020

Contribution of Scrap Metal Industry toward Global World Industrialization

 The word ‘SCRAP’ is a wide term consisting of recyclable and leftover materials, collected from manufactured and consumed products like the parts of automobiles, surplus materials, and building supplies. The term ‘WASTE’ should not be confused with scrap. Scrap has a monetary value and can be recycled, unlike waste. 

So, why should we recycle scrap? And how does it help the economy? Scrap recycling is an efficient method to ignore the rising costs of mining, both economically and environmentally. As the metal is present in abundance, collecting and recycling scrap becomes easier. Recycling scrap helps us to create new products which are not only environment-friendly but also are beneficial for the industries all around the world. 

Scrap when recycled, can prove to be useful in more ways than one:

Energy - The process of turning scrap metal into a new product does not require as much energy as compared to producing the same product with new resources from scratch. The scrap metal is utilized to its maximum with some modification. Various industries can make use of scrap metals to conserve energy and create new products with less resources, all adding up to the upliftment of the world industrialization.

Economic - The scrap industry is a gateway for around fifty-thousand jobs ( and proves to be a great help for the unemployed crowd of a country. In these stressful Covid-19 days, where the economy of the whole world is shaken, the scrap metal recycling industry becomes fruitful in contributing to the economy bit-by-bit. Besides helping the economy, the costs of producing new metals can be eliminated by using the metal scrap as base. The utility provided by the scrap industry has provided an impetus to the slowed-down industries not only in the UAE, but also globally.  Industries using recycled scrap metals not only help in continued operations, but also by reducing the use of natural resources, conserving energy, boosting economic growth and employment, etc.

A major part of scraps are alloys. Depending upon the elements present in the alloy, the scrap could fetch considerable value.  Aluminium and aluminium alloy scraps fetch good value in the market. ( Lucky Recycling is one of the best recycling companies in UAE which has its key interest in scrap recycled products. 

In trying times as such, the slogan, “reduce, reuse, recycle” should be followed and taken seriously by individuals and companies. Lucky Group is the most efficient scrap buyer in Dubai, Jebel Ali, Toronto, Miami, and Shanghai. This organization also has a separate sector for recycling, named Lucky recycling. It strives towards providing the best management and all kinds of ecological benefits.

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