Friday 20 December 2019

What are the Effects of Not Recycling?

Effects of Not Recycling - LuckyGroup
As human beings we generate millions of tons of waste every day. Usually the items are made from paper, metal, glass, tires and plastics that we throw away in the garbage - everything counts as waste. However, we often do not realize that such waste items can be used as raw materials for the production of new items.  Not to mention landfills are a burden for our planet as it has environmental as well as economic impact to our society.

If we don’t recycle waste, they will pile up and accumulate and with each passing day, this will create more landfills. Some of waste disposed off can also seep into the groundwater and contaminate our drinking water along with the harmful chemicals that can also mix with environment.

To utilize valuable recyclable from landfills into the scrap recycling industry, it is very important to recycle scrap metals through which we can significantly contribute to the conservation of the earth’s natural resources and contribute significantly to the economy.

Effective recycling can also reduce the overall production of greenhouse gases. The recycling industry produces way less greenhouse gas per unit, compared to the quantity of gas emitted as a result of the manufacturing the same unit of the specific product. The reduction in greenhouse gas emission can significantly improve the negative effects caused by global warming.

We can all make a difference by recycling all that we can.  So, what are you going to recycle next?

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