Saturday 7 December 2019


“Recycling is a part of the solution to stop materials theft”

Scrap metals theft is one of the most common crimes in the scrap metal industry. Such metals are usually stolen from sites such as vacant buildings or on-going project sites. Then the scrap metals are offered to various scrap dealers or metal recycling industries.

Although local government bodies are working effectively to crack down such criminal activities but there are additional measures through which we can protect ourselves and our business activities to reduce thefts.  Trade activities in Dubai scrap trading has taken following major steps to combat scrap metal thefts:

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Reliable Vendor: Choosing a right vendor and validating its reputation in the market plays a key role in every scrap metals trading business. Verify that the company really exists by; visiting their office & facility and verify they must carry a valid business license.

Source of Material: It is very important to check the actual source of material before buying any material. This can be verified by supporting documents of the transaction. 

Valid Documents: In additional to the standard commercial documents, it is necessary to also obtain the valid ID card of driver, driving license and vehicle registration and keep records for the same.

Security: Install CCTV surveillance to monitor daily activities.

Scrap Metals Storage: Keep all scrap metals storage areas closed or locked at the end of each day.

Restricted Area: Unauthorized persons must be restricted to access your facility.

Third party & calibrated weigh scale: Keep transparency between buyer & seller it is better to do third party weight in order to cross check the reliability of Weigh Bridge & its calibration.

Time Management: Deliveries & loading must be scheduled within day time and in the presence one of company’s representative.

Insurance: Protect your facility & metal scrap through all required insurances. 

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