Sunday 24 November 2019


scrap recycling in dubai

Life cycle of Scrap metals trading revolves around the trade of refined metal scrap.
Metal recycling companies in Dubai have to ensure better services, maintain good relationships, keep the transparency and win the business.  Also it’s important to make sure the scrap you’re dealing with is clean. Any sort of impurities attached with your metal scrap will also affect your per-ton rate and will reduce your margins. 
Handle the scrap revenue stream with effective scrap management system;
Select a reliable vendor.
Safety first no matter what type of material you are searching for.
Collect scrap metals free from non-metallic waste.
Test and sort every type of metals you collect, label it and place as per their shipment plan.
Maintain the inventory
Handle metals free from environmentally unfavorable conditions.

Achieve the highest return by monitoring the scrap metals trends.

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