Tuesday 27 February 2018

What Are The Metals That Can Be Recycled?

Most type of metals can be recycled  with no or little change in their basic properties. By recycling metals, we can protect the environment and reduce energy consumption. There are a number of metal recycling companies in Dubai. Here are the metals that are recycled the most.


Recycled aluminum can be used to make beverage cans and food containers. It is also used as mechanical equipment in sheet metal and cars.  Aluminum cans have a  fast turnover recycling rate. You  can drop one can into the recycling bin and its new metal will show up as a new can in the stores within 60 days. Aluminum foil is just as fast recyclable as aluminum cans but they are usually not accepted   everywhere until they are thoroughly cleaned.


Steel is being recycled for more than 150 years now (please give reference). Some steel mills use just the steel scrap to produce new steel. From iron to steel alloys such as the stainless steel, everything can be melted down to be recycled.


Copper wires and pipes are used for recycling. Its natural coloring property makes it a popular metal for decorative objects. It is also used to make brass and bronze alloys.

Other Scrap Metals

Other metals that can be recycled include titanium, zinc, nickel and brass . Recycled lead is used to make new products, including batteries and is also used as medical equipment in hospitals and doctor’s clinics.

Image source: pixabay.com

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