Monday 26 February 2018

How To Get The Best Price For Scrap Car

All the metals used in your car is valuable. Before you take your scrap car to the recycling centre, here are few points you need to note.

1. Remove the basic parts: Removing all the non-metal items from your car will help to ensure  to get the best possible price for it. When the dealer has to do all the cleaning themselves, they’re less likely to give you a good offer. You might also want to remove all the parts that can be sold separately for a profit. The battery and the radiator can be scrapped too. While removing the items, make sure you remove them with utmost care as any damage to these parts will further lower the price.

2. Know the value of your parts and objects: Getting to know an estimated value of your scrap before heading towards the recycling centre will give you a good idea of whether you are getting a fair deal or not.

3. Know the various metal parts:

a) Car batteries –  These are easy to remove and easy to scrap.

b) Lead wheel weights - On the inside of a tyre, you can find lead wheel weights which are a few inches long and made of lead with steel clips. Because of the presence of steel clips, you’ll get a price a bit less than that for regular clean lead.

c) Aluminum Wheel rims - Car rims are made of aluminum and you can take them off from the actual tyre before scrapping  to get the most value  for it.

d) Catalytic converters – Catalytic converters have the presence of platinum, rhodium or palladium inside and are one of the most valuable part in a car.

e) Starters and alternators: These contain  copper which makes them a profitable  material to scrap..

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