Tuesday 9 May 2017

Scrap Metal Recycling: Unused Cans

Cans are one of the most frequently generated junk; a large part of which goes into the landfills. However, what many of us fail to consider is that they carry an economic value  when recycled at a scrap metal yard. Read on to know how you can gain from this lump of scrap metal by following few simple tips.

Supplying the cans  to the scrap yard:

Before you start supplying  the cans to the scrap yard, here are few things you want to make sure are taken care  to avoid any kind of trouble:

  • Scrap metal companies or yards usually do not accept cans that contain  food/liquid particles or any other content. Hence, it is important to wash and clean the cans properly.
  • Crushing the cans might lead to rejection or earnings cut by the scrap metal recycling company. So, it is better you don’t crush the cans if you want to get good money in return. It is because many scrap yards want to see the cans as empty so that they can check for any litter or contamination inside.
  • Different metal types command a different price. So you will get a better value  if you separate steel cans from aluminium cans.
Tip- Use a magnet to separate steel  cans from aluminium  cans.

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