Thursday 20 April 2017

Effective Tips for Lifting and Transporting Heavy Scrap Metals

Scrap metals recycling can be efficiently managed with the right resources and methodology. Please read on to know all of them below:

Do’s and don’ts: while lifting scrap metals

Don’t bend to pick up the metal scrap in a manner that would put a strain on your lower back  and muscles. Always lift while bending your knees to prevent any injuries of the back.

Share your load with another individual/s. Don’t force yourself to carry weight that is beyond your endurance. Be comfortable.

Tip – If you don’t find a helping hand, use a dolly to lift heavy objects.

Do’s and don’ts: while manoeuvring scrap metals | Scrap Metals Doha

Identify and label the oversized loads. The objective here is to alert other drivers to steer clear and keep a distance.

Tip – It is recommended  to have a friend or a colleague follow behind you in case you are transporting a huge load of scrap metal.

Don’t use poor quality materials. Use high-quality cargo nets, tarps, and ratchet straps for effective tie downs and transportation. You can get these at any local automotive shops.

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