Tuesday 3 May 2016

Why Recycling Your Old Battery Metal Scrap Is The Best Option?

Throwing your batteries in usual recycling bins or public trash is harmful as they consist of highly toxic elements. Such disposed batteries contain scrap metal elements like lead and mercury that contaminate drinking water if left to deteriorate in a landfill. So what is the solution? Recycling battery scrap metals.

Recycling Household Batteries

Usual household batteries can be recycled at scrap metal yards that accept them. Recycling batteries give two benefits. One, you prevent environment degradation that leads to consequences like contamination of food and water when disposed in trash. Two, you earn money by recycling redundant metal scraps like batteries. So it is a win-win for you.

Tips to get good worth for old batteries and for safety-
  • Store the dead batteries in dry places that cannot be accessed by kids.
  • Store batteries for recycling with tapes wrapped over their ends. This prevents acid leakage from batteries which is dangerous. 

Recycling Rechargeable Batteries

Use of rechargeable batteries is a good thing as it decreases the amount waste and energy that is produced during usage and manufacturing of new batteries. However, rechargeable battery metal scraps have more toxic substances. Hence, it becomes even more important to have these recycled at scrap metal yards than dumping them in landfills. Similarly, you can recycle old car battery metal scrap.

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